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More often than not, when an operator or transportation company becomes a client of Southwest Truck Insurance, they end up staying for the long haul. Of the few who leave, most eventually return. Our retention rate is over 95%, which leads us to conclude that our clients must appreciate our knowledge of both transportation and insurance, and our dedication to customer service. They know we care about their business and want to be partners in their success.

Dave Benson
Veteran Transportation Safety Professional
"When it comes to service there is no one better than SWTIA. They are the most detailed and customer friendly insurance agency I have dealt with in over 30 years of my being in the transportation business. They operate as a team and as a client I am part of that team. Through their suggestions and help we have lowered our insurance rates and reduced cost. They are a first class operation."

Keith Coburn
KC Express Incorporated
"I started working with SWTIA and Joe Phillips and his Dad in 1986. Over the years Joe, his family and staff have become trusted friends, and believe me when you are in the transportation business you need a friend at your insurance agency. No matter what the issue, you can depend on the team at SWTIA. No one is better at helping their clients."

Scott McLaughlin
Stagecoach Cartage and Distribution, LLP
"No one is better interacting with their clients than SWTIA. They go the extra mile offering service that you would never expect from an insurance agency. They make sure any claim is handled quickly and proficient and I never have to worry. Southwest Truck Insurance Agency is not your standard insurance agency they are friends in business."

Jaime Herrera
Flash Truck Lines Corporation
"SWTIA is always looking at ways to help me with the cost of my coverage. They never sell me more than I need. They care about the welfare of my company and I appreciate that. The minute one of our drivers calls to report an accident, the SWTIA team is on it immediately getting everything processed so we can keep rolling."