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If you buy too much truck insurance you're wasting money. But if you buy too little, you could have a very serious problem if you have an accident.

So what can work best? The answer to that question is different for every transportation company or independent owner operator. It depends on the level of risk they assume in their daily operations, what assets they need to protect, and the personal situations of their employees and owners. To complicate matters, the need for insurance changes as transportation companies acquire new equipment and property; add new employees; and have operating conditions change or assets change in value.

The purpose of insurance is to cover for financial obligations that your operation could not cover in the event of a catastrophe. In this case, primarily liabilities that come from accidents involving your trucks and trucking operations.

Generally trucking operations must be able to cover any losses that they cause others while driving their trucks or in the course of their trucking operations. Since the potential amount of damages is far greater than most companies’ assets, they use insurance to make up the difference.

Owners' risk of loss also includes: their truck(s); their own health and life, their truck drivers, other drivers and passengers; their money; and other property and assets. Your first priority is to protect your trucking operation. Since without it, you have no source of revenue or way to sustain the livelihoods of you and/or your employees.

So how much coverage do you need? First, you need to assess how much you have at risk vs. what it costs to protect you from losing it in a "worst case" scenario. Then consider the various insurance programs offered by various "insurance carriers" (companies that sell and back insurance policies) and determine which one(s) best fit your needs.

Southwest Truck Insurance Agency is an "Agent", which means we have access to hundreds of different policies from some of the best insurance companies in the world. Our truck insurance professionals can help you accurately and objectively assess your situation and recommend various options for you to compare and choose from.

We can help you choose a deductible that's low enough so that it fits your budget, and high enough so your monthly premium is manageable. We can help you compare costs and point out differences between various programs, and help determine if you qualify for any discounts for things such as safe driving records, alarm systems, multiple vehicles, or multiple policies.

Each state has it's own laws. And insurance terms can be confusing. So don't be afraid to ask questions. Our truck insurance professionals are here to help with any questions you have. Customer service is our top priority. We welcome your calls and when you call, you will always talk with a LIVE truck insurance professional – not an operator in Uzbekistan.

Call us to BE SURE you have the right amount of insurance. Not only could you save money today, but you can avoid financial disaster in case of a serious accident in the future.